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CJSC Magna Technoplast

Special crane of 50t capacity with moving both trolleys between crane´s bridges

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Nopo Engineering Company has handed over the second transfer table (TRT) to Russian wagon works in Tihvin town

Technický týdeník, 23.7.2015

The secondary special TRT of rail vehicles, during workshop acceptance, Czech Company NOPO Engineering s.r.o., has handed over to Russian wagon works name CJCS TikhvinChemMash from Tikhvin town of Leningrad region, in half July this year. Leading Czech contractor of hoisting, transport, warehousing and other logistic systems, that way closed down technical and manufacturing sophisticated contract. It was for roughly 30 million crowns and included development, manufacturing a commissioning of two sophisticated equipment for quickly and safe manipulation with railway and tram wagons.   

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10.11.2014 | Relations with Russian customers, we have been manage further develop

In last period of year 2014, NOPO Company delivered its own equipment, worth of it is tens of millions CZK, to customers mainly from EU countries.  Among to the most significant belong CHART Ferox Děčín, KOVOSVIT MAS Sezimovo Ústí, VW Hannover, Iveco Czech Republic Vysoké Mýto, Automotive Lighting Jihlava, PSA Trnava, ŠKODA AUTO Mladá Boleslav and the others. .

15.04.2014 | We are taking part in production of the biggest vessels in the world

At the end of March, was successfully ending test operation of 2 pieces lines, length 22 m, for welding of wessel, in Ferox Děčín Company.  The lines are consisted of positioners, length conveyors and forming levers. The lines are working for production of the biggest vessels in the world, which diameter is 6 m and length 44 m.


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Service 24

One of the Company priorities is effective service facilities, which is product part of all our deliveries. Standard service NON-STOP is available 24 clock around. According to customer request can be specified start to repair until 2 hours after defect reporting yet. Eventually the others requirements can be guarantee, e.g. demands from servicing contract, spare parts reservation etc. Procedure of trouble reporting at standard event until 24 hours – see below.

Troubles procedure report
and Challenge to emergency service mission

For making guarantee claim and for its speeding Owner has to keep under mentioned.
Challenge procedure to service mission
Under demonstrable challenge to service mission considers:
  • Owner telephone challenge consequently confirm by written challenge delivered contractor by electronic mail. Fax or by letter (e-mail and fax to 12 hours after telephone, letter to 3 days).
Notice: Subsequently confirmation telephone challenge by written form is necessary condition to assert guarantee repair.
Into written challenge must be mentioned:
  1. Company name challenge to service mission considers:
  2. Trouble place:
  3. Trouble range:
  4. Trouble description:
  5. Trouble time and how many times:
  6. Required service mission time (e.g. immediately, tomorrow...):
  7. Contac data:
  8. Way and time access to the object:
  9. Others requirements:
  10. Sending time: 
  11. Readable name and confirmation and telephone number:
Call on to service mission is possible:         
Nonstop on free line +420 800 802 801

Fax office: +420 494 945 008
Zemědělská 898
500 03 Hradec Králové

NOPO ENGINEERING s.r.o. Zemědělská 898/3, 500 03 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic